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Mind Body Fiit by Tammy B: A Holistic Woman's Only Fitness Group

Mind Body Fiit is a unique woman's only fitness group in Adelaide Hills that provides an inclusive, progressive, and pre/postnatal-friendly environment for all fitness levels. At Mind Body Fiit, we believe in a holistic approach to women's fitness, emphasizing the importance of power and mindset to achieve overall strength and toning.

Our founder, Tammy B, is a mother of three with years of experience in fitness training. Tammy has successfully transformed her own body, losing weight and gaining muscle through consistent training and dedication. As a result, Tammy can relate to the unique challenges of being a mother and finding time to work out.

Tammy's experience and passion are what make Mind Body Fiit truly special.

At Mind Body Fiit, we focus on three main areas: strength training, core stability and rebuilding, and glute mass. We believe that these areas are fundamental to women's overall strength and toning. Our workouts are designed to cover each of these areas throughout the week, and we offer both one-on-one and group sessions at Sceniicc Studio Heathfield.

Mind Body Fiit

Mind Body Fiit is more than just a fitness group; it is a community of like-minded women who support and encourage one another. We provide a range of online resources, including a dedicated app for our members to chat, access workout programs, events and book training sessions at the studio.

In summary, Mind Body Fiit by Tammy B is a holistic woman's only fitness group that puts power and mindset first. It is a place for women to connect, engage, and achieve their fitness goals. Join us today and experience the benefits of a supportive, inclusive, and progressive community. To join is free but currently we have an offer until 7th May 2023 which is unlimited group classes for $20PW.

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