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Superhero's And A Space To Breath

Women are superheroes. They are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. They juggle multiple roles and responsibilities in their lives while often putting their own needs last. It can be challenging for women to find the time and energy to work out, especially when they have young children. But what if we told you that working out with your kids might be the best thing for both of you?

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of children seeing their parents work out. Children who grow up watching their parents exercise are more likely to be physically active themselves, have a more positive body image, and are less likely to become overweight or obese. Australian researchers have found that children are more likely to participate in physical activity when they perceive their mothers as being supportive of exercise. The same study also found that mothers who exercise with their children report higher levels of self-efficacy and are more likely to maintain their exercise routine over time.

Play Area

Sceniicc understands the importance of supporting mothers in their fitness journey. Our small group training classes are perfect for busy mothers who want to take the time to care for themselves while also spending time with their children. Our child-friendly area is safely fenced and equipped with age appropriate toys, so your child can play nearby while you focus on your workout. Our Mind Body Fiit Training with Tammy B is a holistic approach to fitness that focuses on building strength and toning your body, while also promoting mental wellness and mindfulness.

At Sceniicc, we believe that fitness should be inclusive and empowering for women of all ages and fitness levels. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment that helps women to achieve their goals, whether they are a new mom or a seasoned athlete. Our goal is to support women in their journey towards health and wellness and to help them become their best selves.

Join us at Sceniicc and try our Mind Body Fiit Training with Tammy B. We can't wait to support you on your fitness journey.

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