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The Victim Mindset...

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


Do you take responsibility for your actions? Can you put your hand up and say I've done something wrong, I'm sorry. Our egos play a large role in being a victim of ourselves. We like to set standards for ourselves and when something challenges this all too often our response is fight or flight. We protect our egos and blame our surroundings. Practice acknowledging your mistakes and rather than feeling the need to protect yourself and your ego admit the mistake, learn from it and move on. Here's an example. A great one to start with is falling off the wagon. So many people who have started diets 'fall off the wagon'. There are so many things wrong with this expression, and so many actions that lead to this mindset. Firstly diets and weight loss take months, people dont become overweight in a day, just as we don't lose weight in a day. No pill, shake, quick-fix detox will get you thin quick. Then the fail comes, you can't maintain it and you 'fall off the wagon'. Second no you didn't fall off, you learned. Every mistake or failure we experience is a learning opportunity, you've learned what not to do so try something different. Get back up and try again. I'm using weight loss as an example because I see so much on social media individuals complaining 2 days into a diet of how they haven't seen any changes, this is because it takes weeks to months to visibly see changes in your appearance, but it can take just days to feel the difference. It's also a lifestyle change not a change for a bit thing, if you dont change the habits they will sneak back up as will the weight. I am also an individual who has experienced this mindset, I have tried pills, shakes, detoxes, and other things to lose weight. I started this journey at 95kg after having my 3rd baby in January this year. I was depressed and a victim. I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn't exercise, why I couldn't run, why I couldn't eat healthier, I have no time was a big one and yes it is difficult to find time with 3 children under 4 and a stay at home mum who's studying beauty therapy, but I realized that if I wanted something bad enough I would make the time. I would put the effort in because no one else could do it for me.


The victim in me always held me back..

Not anymore..

Love Tammeah xx

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