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Body And Mind: 12 Week Transformation Program

Body And Mind: 12 Week Transformation Program

Sceniicc Total Transformation: A 12-Week Mind and Body Program

This program offering is designed to help you achieve a total transformation of both your body and mind. With a totally custom and unique program, three body scans throughout training, two personal training sessions per week for 12 weeks, and ongoing trainer support, you'll receive the guidance and accountability you need to reach your fitness goals.

But this program goes beyond just exercise and nutrition.

Our approach is centered around creating sustainable habits that support a healthy lifestyle. With a focus on mindset and community, you'll learn the fundamental tools needed to create lasting change and achieve long-term success.

$2430.00 Worth of Value for $1920.00

In addition, you'll receive a consultation with Coach Tammy B to collaborate on the best program design and nutrition breakdown for your unique needs and goals.

Join Sceniicc Total Transformation and unlock the power of a healthy mind and body today.

Program Includes:

24 Personal Training Sessions Valued at $1920 (80ea)
3 Body Scans Throughout Program Valued At $180 Each
1 Custom Designed Program & Tracking Throughout 12 Weeks Valued At $250
1 Consultation with Coach Tammy B Regarding Mindset, Nutrition & More. Valued At $80.00
Trainer Support During Business Hours
Access To Sceniicc Community And Sceniicc Events

Discounted Savings - $510

* These Personal Training Sessions Take Place At Sceniicc Studio Heathfield
* Programs Can Take 7 Days To Complete From Consult
* We Take The Up Most Care In Helping You Reach Your Goals
* The Program Will Last 12 Weeks
* You Will Hit Goals!


    $2,430.00 Regular Price
    $1,920.00Sale Price
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