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Premium Marathon Experience

Premium Marathon Experience

At Sceniicc, we provide a completely unique and custom marathon experience. Our elite program is tailored to help you excel in your event and achieve your goals injury-free.

Our team will spare no expense and work with our network of trainers and professionals to create a plan specifically for you. You'll have access to your unique marathon program, communication with your trainers, a nutrition plan, and a personal trainer to help turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We start with a one-hour consultation to gather the necessary data, then deliver a custom plan within 5-10 days. You'll have support throughout your journey from our full team and beyond.

All fitness levels are accepted, and payment plans are available depending on the length of the program. The complete cost starts from $5000, with a $2500 deposit required. We only have 4 spots available, so act fast and receive a custom Sceniicc Sponsor cap valued at $100 on purchase.

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