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Heart. Health. Intensity. Training

Heart Health Intensity Training (H.H.I.T) class—a heart-pumping, high-energy workout designed to elevate your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health! Join us for an exhilarating session that combines light weights, bodyweight exercises, and machines to get your heart racing and your energy soaring.

Led by our expert instructor, Jules, who has extensive experience in group class instruction and a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential, our H.H.I.T class is the perfect way to challenge yourself and boost your heart health.

With a maximum of four participants per session, you can expect personalized attention and a supportive group environment. Bring your own heart rate monitor to track your progress and let Jules tailor the intensity of the workout to your individual needs. By monitoring your heart rate, you'll have a clear understanding of your cardiovascular performance and be able to make adjustments throughout the session.

Join us for a heart-thumping, sweat-inducing experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered. Whether you're looking to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, increase your stamina, or simply have a blast while working out, our H.H.I.T class is the perfect fit for you.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your heart health to new heights. Reserve your spot in our H.H.I.T class today and get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse!

Note: Please remember to bring and wear a heart rate monitor during the session to track your heart rate and optimize your workout experience.

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