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Fitness Training With A Purpose
Female Specific Small Group Training


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MIND BODY FIIT is a unique training program only at Sceniicc.

Developed by Tammeah Biddell, mother to three young children, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, lifestyle coach, and postpartum recovery expert.


Tammeah is passionate about educating other women on the importance of caring for your Mind and Body, through mindset coaching, education, nutrition and fitness. As well as providing a judgement free space where women can find their happy medium in a forever journey to a healthy lifestyle. 


MIND BODY FIIT Training is the perfect formula for maximising your health. Classes use a mix of heavy weights, light weights and High Intensity Interval Training to burn body fat, gain strength, tone muscles, with a focus on deep core and pelvic floor recovery and maintenance, as well as improve workout form.

To help you reach your health goals we've taken the best parts of Tammeah's pre and postpartum recovery journey and created the perfect workout regime specific to female anatomy and recovery.


MIND - Slow it down with a Pilates style mind muscle connection workout, using light weight, body weight and resistance bands in high rep ranges to ensure all over toned muscles and optimising endurance training.


BODY - Strength training perfect for female specific anatomy. Incorporating, upper body, lower body and core exercises to ensure an overall whole body workout. Using progressive overload techniques to push members to gain strength safely.


FIIT - A spin on High Intensity Interval Training to burn body fat, raise metabolism and improve cardiovascular health, using a mix of circuit style training and cardio equipment.

Take the time for you,

A healthy lifestyle is something we refine over time, not over night!




Copy of NEw Mind Body Fiit header.png

Kimberly B

"Tammy has been a game changer for me as a trainer. Her guidance and support has led to a complete mindset shift towards fitness. Tammy's expertise as a female specific trainer has been so valuable during my postpartum journey. She's helped me set achievable goals and has tailored workouts to help me in my recovery and progress. Working with Tammy has been an incredible experience that's not just about physical transformation, but also about personal growth. She has helped me regain my strength and confidence back in the gym. I feel Sceniicc offers a unique and impactful experience that sets it apart from larger gyms that i have gone to in the past. It's so personalised and Sceniicc is big in a sense of community. I love having a stretch and yarn at the end of every class. It's such a supportive environment for all mum's who want to bring their kids along and stay active. Kiah and i look forward to every class. Thanks Tammy and Jules!"

Alisha F

"Tammeah has been so helpful and supportive. Not only have I seen significant physical results, but she has helped me to change my whole mindset. My biggest barrier has always been my self criticism and Tammy's ongoing positivity and encouragement has helped me to improve many areas of my overall health and wellness. She has toailored our sessions to my goals and what i need and bringing my baby is an easy task with a dedicated space for children. I'm so glad i became a part of this gym, thank you for everything Tammy!."

Kathlene M

“I have been training with Tammeah for the past 3 months. She is extremely supportive, motivating and hands on personal trainer. her knowledge amazing, so is the environment and workouts. I'm so happy with my results both physically and mentally. She really takes the time to listen to your personal goals and help execute them. Most importantly she explains the importance of mindset and diet, as well as being an amazing personal trainer! Tammeh is your girl”

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