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Club Sceniicc Membership

At Club Sceniicc, we are dedicated to promoting health for families and infusing training with fun. Below are the terms and conditions for Club Sceniicc membership.

Your Membership

Club App

The Club Sceniicc app provides access to session bookings, fitness and health programs, videos, and a connection to other members.

True Coach App

TrueCoach is a fitness and health app through which our coaches engage with members. Coaches can assign programs, and the app allows for recording metrics such as strength levels and fat loss percentages.

PT & Gym Access

With each membership, members gain access to gym benefits, a personal training session each week, or unlimited access to small group training.

Terms And Conditions

Welcome to Club Sceniicc!

# **Gym Membership Terms and Conditions**

## **1. Membership Agreement**

By signing up for membership at our gym, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These provisions govern your use of our facilities, services, and personal training sessions.

## **2. Payment and Billing**

- **Direct Debit**: Weekly membership fees will be automatically debited from your account on the date of sign-up.
- **Weekly Service**: Members pay for a weekly service, which includes access to one personal training (PT) session per week & Bookable access to the gym (1 hour session per day).

- **Extra PT Sessions**: Additional PT sessions beyond the included one will be billed separately at $80.00 per session via emailed invoice with 7 day payment terms.

- **Payment Obligations**: Members must make payments on their agreed direct debit date.

## **3. Membership Holds**

- **Notice Period**: If you wish to put a hold on your payment, provide at least 2 weeks (12 days) notice.

- **Maximum Hold**: Members can suspend their membership for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time, with up to 6 weeks of hold available per calendar year.

## **4. Attendance and Forfeiture**

- **Weekly Membership**: Regardless of attendance, members are required to pay for their weekly membership.

- **Missed Sessions**: If you do not attend your weekly session, it is forfeited unless otherwise agreed upon.

## **5. PT & PT Add-Ons**

- **Expiration**: PT and PT add-ons must be used before their expiry date (7 Days reschedule period) 1 PT Session is allocated to Club Sceniicc Membership accounts each week (on the PT membership). PT Credits do not roll over and expire each week, missed sessions are not refundable or transferable.

## **6. Gym Access Rules**

- **Body Scanner**: The body scanner is available only when accompanied by a trainer.
- **Equipment Etiquette**:
    - All weights and equipment must be returned to their designated spots after use.
    - Wipe down equipment with the provided towels or wipes.
    - Bring your own towel for personal use.
- **Music and Noise**:
    - Bluetooth music is welcome but should not disturb neighbors.
- **Equipment Maintenance**:
    - Report any broken or marked equipment to the trainers for prompt attention.
- **Gym Hours**:
    - Access starts at 6 am and ends at 6 pm.
    - Note that trainers, cleaners, and sub-contractors may be present during open gym hours.
- **Guests**:
    - You may bring an additional friend or family member, but they must purchase a membership or casual pass (consult a trainer).
- **Closing Procedures**:
    - If the gym is closed, please ensure proper closure when leaving. If trainers are on-site, no additional closing is necessary.

## **7. Community Enjoyment**

Thank you for being part of our gym community. We built this space for you to achieve your fitness goals. Enjoy your workouts!

You will now have access to True Coach, Fiit By Wix & Fitness Training



Kind Regards,
Team Sceniicc - Directions Here.

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