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Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

Nicole Blackett Test.png

Eleni & the team at Sceniicc has helped me immensely with my football. Whether it’s providing me with my match GPS stats, personalising running plans, or just being there to answer any questions.


Eleni is super professional, friendly and a genuine life saver who plays a key part in helping me work towards my footballing goals. I couldn’t recommend Eleni enough!

— Nicole Blackett, Captian, West Adelaide Soccer Club

The team at Sceniicc has helped me achieve next-level goals and continue to support and push me to be better not only in the gym but in life.


Tammeah's program has helped to refine and build muscle, building my glutes and defining my abs. Jules is one of the best in the business, he knows his stuff, will carefully curate a program depending on your goals and limitations, and provides an enjoyable, supportive and fun workout environment.


I continue to improve in strength, muscle tone and have an overall improved well-being thanks to the team at Sceniicc.

— Elise, Dancer, First Dan Shotokan, Veterinarian student

Test Emilie.png

I first reached out to Scenic fitness as I was looking for support in training for my first marathon. 


Having moved to the Adelaide Hills recently I was passionate about finding someone local and someone who was experienced and skilled in getting people over the line with a event such as a marathon. What struck me about Jules from our first few emails was his passion and motivation. It felt like he was as excited as I was about the challenge ahead, so I knew from very early on that I had found my team. 


I am finding the combination of personal training from Jules and training programming from Eleni to be the perfect balance for me in terms of feeling accountable and being able to challenge myself, whilst having the best possible team behind me who are as invested in the process as much as I am! 

I can’t recommend this team at scenic fitness enough if you are looking for genuine, professional and personalised training that will help you achieve a milestone or a goal that never felt possible until now!

— Emilie White, Head Of Production


I’m Jo and I needed to get motivated to move again after the Covid years and with a walking tour booked for July 2022.


Jules has been fantastic, setting a tailored program that was deceptively achievable - just small and steady increases that have made a huge difference: here I am at 68 lifting (very small but…) dumbbell weights.


Who would have believed it possible? Not me, that’s for sure!

— Dr Jo Ankor, Consultant and Research Associate

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